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Health Point Pakistan

DDS 1 Intimate Cleanser

DDS 1 Intimate Cleanser

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DDS-1 Cleanser for Personal Hygiene
Restores Vaginal pH to normal value 4.5.
Helps the Growth of natural Flora.

Many Women in Pakistan Are Facing Vaginal Infections
Few Indications

2-Fishy Smell
3-grayish-white or yellow Discharge
4-Vaginal Bleeding after Intercourse
5-Burning Urination

If Vaginal Infections are not treated well, they may increase Risk of

1- Infertility
2-Sexually Transmitted Diseases
3-Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases
4-Premature Birth rate

DDS-1 Natural Feminine Wash
has a pH of 4.5 to complement the vagina’s pH level.
Soothes, Moisturizes & Provides Comfort From Itching
DDS-1 Daily Intimate Hygiene Wash

DDS-1 Cleanser for Personal Hygiene
Restores Vaginal pH to normal value 4.5.
Helps the Growth of natural Flora.
Decrease the Pathological micro-organism. Long lasting actions, as it maintains the natural Flora and pH.

Why use DDS-1?

Many Women Suffer from vaginal discharge, often associated
with disturbance of the normal vaginal environment, including a change in the vagina’s normal level of acidity.
The normal pH of the vagina is acidic, fluctuating between 3.8 -4.5, discouraging infection occurring.
The acidic environment is created by the presence of Lactic acid, Which is the by product of Glycogen metabolism by normal existing Bacteria.

Tea tree Oil Aloe Vera Extract with Lactic Acid
Mechanism of vaginal Defence Lactic Acid Bacteria Natural Flora
Ideal pH environment for the growth of vaginal flora
Lactic Acid

How To Use DDS 1 Wash:

Wash your Hands and take some lotion. Apply to the wet area and wash the Vulva Directly
Like your Daily Cleaning Wash your Private Parts from Front to Back.
Rinse with the Clean Water.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Dds1 wash Nyc product

I received parcel and i love this wash thankyou so much for sending me this 😍


Assalam Alaikum!
Just got my parcel. The product is really beneficial. Suitable for the all skin types.It really works as mentioned in its literature. I ordered it for the second time. Thank you so much.

boht achy wash he

me esko use kerti regular dds ko

Iqra Umair

Its nice product

Educational Resources

Health Point Pakistan Doing Great Work In addition to promoting its product, DDS1 offers valuable educational resources on intimate hygiene. Articles covering topics such as vaginal health, pH balance, and common concerns empower visitors to make informed decisions about their well-being. This commitment to education sets DDS1 apart as a brand genuinely invested in customer health and satisfaction.

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